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Wednesday, 29 January 2014

Abg Motor Berbogel

Sedapnye abg2 ni bogel... kalau la aku dapat...

Macam mana nak cari clue, senang jer, click link di bawah (warna biru), clue dah di beri, so cari huruf atau no yg di garis dan berwarna MERAH sahaja. itu ler passkeynye.

Clue : Introducing the new h_r_ Postpaid P70, the only plan that gives you unlimited calls to all networks and 7GB of high-speed Internet.

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  1. Putera nakal ad wechat tak? Sbb nk tnya satu bende

  2. silent scream ko kene cari password dlm link yg aku kasi tu

  3. anonymous aku ada wechat tapi x leh kasi kat sini... ko nak tanye apa?

  4. Boleh tak bagi e-mail untuk contact you?

  5. hey,
    im so damn bored.
    lets be friends,bestie,sugardaddy,lover etc.
    im 19,btm,pahang, single
    please be friends with me...
    do text or wechat or whatsapp me 0199861532
    (maybe you had known me!! sorry im kinda bored)
    (dear admin, sorry for using your blog, btw its an awsm blog)
    (serius person only tq)
    (its not like im desperate to find a partner , juz want to addd a friends but if want to be my patner thats a diff story)
    (sorry for those who ar annoyed

  6. nice.. sorang tu mcm kenal je.. dak jb..:-)

  7. cri top area portdickson..igt area portdickson n berhampiran sahaja..0132032417/wechat/ chub k..

  8. best giler siot! ase nak kulum je semua btg2 jantan tuh